Women I've Shot

“The Housewives”, Private Commissions:
This is Thabisa

(Note:¬†“The Housewives” was a term I fondly coined in 2006 after I started getting shoot requests from private, individual women who¬†became my clients. Many of the women who contacted me were married and in their mid 30’s and were doing the shoots as gifts to their husbands. The folder in my archives is still called this and so I’ve stuck to it, in part just for the irony: most of these women are not “housewives” at all, but strong independent and forward thinking women who I have had the honour of documenting.

All are private commissions and the demographic has changed substantially over the years. Some I’m still in contact with, others I’ve totally lost contact with, some have become friends, some may wish not to have their real names used, others don’t mind, some may have their faces obscured for privacy reasons, others have generously shared their experiences of being photographed.)

I worked with Thabisa in 2017 on a small series of portraits and details for her own use. The job was commissioned by a third party who was giving the shoot to Thabisa as a gift. The series was all done in studio using a small selection of props including lingerie, flowing fabrics, lace and bedding.