A Collection of Female Attire

The Collection: Stockings & Socks
#34- #37

 (Please note: This is the “archive” of the collection of shoot props (generally lingerie/womens attire somehow) that I have gathered over the last 11 years of my career.
They are catalogued by number, and description for now as well as any other relevant information about their individual histories- how I came to have the items, what shoots they might have been used for, etc.
The style in which I document an item may vary according to the type of garment/object it is).



#34 – Stockings
Blue gusseted semi-opaque stockings. Rich deep blue stockings I was handed down by one of my aunts about 10 years ago. I’ve used them only a handful of times in shoots. Included is one of the images which I used where they feature,- shot in 2009 as part of the 9 Hotel Rooms project.



#35 – Stockings
Purple/lilac ribbed stockings. I think these were also a hand-me-down from a family member. I never shot with them but began transforming them into suspender-usable-stockings and then stopped half way. Now they just look bizarre…and kind of interesting.



#36 – Stockings
Almost invisible, nude thigh high stockings. I love these. They’re a 1980’s brand of stockings I bought years ago and shoot almost like they’re not there. I’ve shot with them a number of times. Below is probably one of my favorite pics with them, showing the incredibly beautiful Emelia Vermeulen, a South African model who might be one of my accidental muses since I first shot with her in 2011 for One Small Seed.


#37 – Stockings
Cream, size large, knitted and printed Winter stockings. These are totally homely but await the perfect shoot for which I haven’t had quite the right moment yet. They make me think of American Aparel’s brand which often plays on this kind of look.

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