A Collection of Female Attire

The Collection: Stockings & Socks
#28- #30

 (Please note: This is the “archive” of the collection of shoot props (generally lingerie/womens attire somehow) that I have gathered over the last 11 years of my career.
They are catalogued by number, and description for now as well as any other relevant information about their individual histories- how I came to have the items, what shoots they might have been used for, etc.
The style in which I document an item may vary according to the type of garment/object it is).

The Collection -STOCKINGS & SOCKS - no. 028 Catalogued for TheSofterSex
#28 – 
Cream fishnet stockings cut to 
things-highs. Size Large I think I started buying stockings in a far bigger size on purpose just so I could cut them into thigh-highs myself since they were almost impossible to get hold of in SA some years back. It doesn’t work as well with fishnet textiles (as you can see from the fraying at the cut line) but with normal nylon stockings it works like a charm (you just miss the punctuation of the wide re-enforcemnet line that comes with normal thigh-highs). These were a Woodstock stocking factory shop purchase.


The Collection -STOCKINGS & SOCKS - no. 029 Catalogued for TheSofterSex

#29 – Stockings
Black stockings with psychedelic design. These were a gift from a friend about 10 years ago. The design on them is something which doesn’t really speak to me although when I see them shot in this image I realise they are something I could incorporate easily. They’ve already got a bit of wear ‘n tear as do a number of items in the collection.


The Collection -STOCKINGS & SOCKS - no. 030 Catalogued for TheSofterSex
#30 – Knee High Stockings
Orange knee-high stockings, one size fits all. I think these come from a Chinese shop in the Golden Acre, Adderley Street, Cape Town. They’ve not been used but stored for years and years. They shoot well.

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