A Collection of Female Attire

The Collection: How It Began

I never intended to collect paraphernalia in this way and maybe I’m a bit of a hoarder or a sentimentalist but it began in 2005 as I started to work on my final body of work.

The images were of a staged nature, a scenario created and documented, and needed a lot of creativity when it came to making or solving problems related to backgrounds, props and attire on my female models, using a minimalist budget of course.

I kept all the materials in case I needed a re-shoot (everything shot on medium format roll-film with no photoshop) and I generally hand made and built most of the detail work where something didn’t exist already as I had it in my imagination.
I scoured resource shops like fabric stores, chinese bargain outlets, bead merchants etc and then after the body of work was completed I just started adding interesting and cool pieces to what I already had.

I began getting commissioned from private individuals shortly thereafter and so I just kept adding items I thought would also be useful.
Lingerie sales were my friend and my clients and friends, family and colleges started giving me items to add to the collection.

It is now a bizarre grouping of women’s attire, anything from sequined nipple caps to original nurses dresses, 70’s shaped nylon stockings, embroidered vintage ┬ásatin gloves, knickers from Pep, its all there packed into bags and suitcases.

Im not 100% on how to catalogue the items but I think that naming/describing, numbering, and breaking down basic info would be a good rule.

Lets go.



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