Self Portrait Project: #4

The idea for day 4’s selfie was a combination of Jan Saudeks fantastically hancoloured portraits¬†(which were also shot against distressed backgrounds) and an image I found years ago (but can’t seem to find now) of a woman standing in her negligee with an iron and crazy hair. The rollers were in the studio and my hair happily misbehaves anyway if I tease it.

The vintage negligee is a prized possession in my collection-of-things-female. I bought it in Kitwe, Northern Zambia in 2009 at an open air market which was at that time the biggest in Africa until it burned down in 2011. The item, which no doubt originally came from somewhere European, is a typical commodity to find on such a market where second hand clothes get sent to Africa with the understanding that the givers are aiding Africans; the clothes end up on markets being sold and not given away to people in need. I find it bizarre and fascinating idea that a delicate garment so pretty and un-useful  travels such journey in its lifetime.

Anyway,- I like the crazed domestic-ness of the image, and partially re-hand-coloured it to give it the old school appearance which is so familiar to Saudeks work..

Self Portrait Project 004 Leah Hawker 2014

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