Self Portrait Project: #14

This was the last of the three self portraits I shot that one night in the studio when I invited friends for drinks and a creative studio session. It was an evening dedicated to spontaneity and wacky self expression.

This is a portrait in sleepwear, but glamourised and well matched: The yellow and white lace undie-set come from my trip to Paris last year in July, Etam has the most beautiful lingerie I’ve seen in a while and I picked up this pretty set on sale for almost nothing, happiness! The My Little Pony T-shirt and fox sleep-mask were gifts from those who know me well.
All the items and the playful pose a resemble a kind of naive carefree fun.

When I look at this image now, months after it was shot, it makes me think I was being escapist during a very difficult time. It represents the opposites of everything I was dealing with and was more than likely also brought on by the manic side effects of the medication I was taking.

However, it still makes me smile; it’s a happy-go-lucky kind of moment, captured. Reality and fantasy are a strange and volatile binary pair.


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