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Pregnancy: This is Lynette

Cape Town Pregnancy Photography 01 by Leah Hawker

I photographed dear friend and fellow artist Lynette with her fiancé Stephen early one morning on Camps Bay beach. She was eight months into a difficult pregnancy and these images seemed to come like a ray of sunshine before their tiny son Liam would arrive. We spent an hour or so in the sun and sand, it was a perfect morning, the beginning of Spring and felt to me like a positive premonition of what was soon to come.

Cape Town Pregnancy Photography 02 by Leah Hawker

Cape Town Pregnancy Photography 05 by Leah Hawker

We had discussed a playful and sweet, 50’s inspired feel and Lynette brought along some simple single coloured items which leant themselves to the look perfectly. The images come across like happy treasures, nostalgic and warm.

Cape Town Pregnancy Photography 07 by Leah Hawker

Cape Town Pregnancy Photography 06 by Leah Hawker

Cape Town Pregnancy Photography 03 by Leah Hawker

I love the simplicity of the approach we had on this shoot; the linear elements of the background contrasted with the round, organic shapes of her body. We left the beach feeling happy and inspired and headed to my studio in Woodstock for the second half of the shoot which was intended to be more of a nude portrait of Lynette on a bed of white linen, photographed from above. More on these images later.

Cape Town Pregnancy Photography 08 by Leah Hawker

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