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Positive Birth in South Africa: This is Natasha Stadler

The Gate-Keepers: A Portraiture Project

This is a portraiture project, documenting the “gatekeepers” of a growing movement regarding positive birth experiences in our country.  My aim: to promote those who are enabling women to identify with their power and femininity and therefore normalize birth and the body.

These are their stories / anecdotes / opinions about what they do and how they see it…accompanied by my portraits and some general information on each sitter.

Natasha Stadler is a midwife with 28 years experience up her sleeve. She works from Somerset West and specialises in water births at home. She as her own mini-clinic and birthing room for her clients.

Natasha Stadler -Birth South Africa - Portraits by Leah Hawker

“The ongoing journey of witnessing women in their transition from victim to victor, from fear to loving forgiveness, is an absolute privilege. To see and assist their partners and assist them to reclaim their place as protectors and providers of strength, love and safety is an honour and all of this I am humbly grateful for.”

“My “work” as a midwife: Having trained in hospital and being exposed to the “mechanics” and pathology of child birthing, my approach to child birth was rather practical. Through the many opportunities throughout the years I was able to see and to learn from wonderful professionals and parents in various parts of the world bringing birth from a place of chaos to a place of peace, from a place of illness to a place of love.”

• (I invite more participants to join the project, you are welcome to email me for more information).

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