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Pictorial: “Women Only”
For Playboy Magazine, South Africa 2012

Playboy did a feature pictorial on my privately commissioned work in 2012. It was a 6 page spread. Ive added the original images in below as well.

The DPS shows images from the last 10 or so years, mostly private commissioned jobs by women.

Below the text in the article:

Women Only

Capetonian born and bred photographer, Leah Hawker, has specialized in one of our favorite subjects: Women.

She’s already shot our very own Jade Fairbrother as Miss September and we liked her work so much that we awarded her the prestigeous Playmate of the Year pictorial. When Leah isn’t shooting commercial assignments she’s most likely working on one of her privately commissioned nudes. Women in their 20’s to 40’s are undressing in front of her camera for steamy yet tasteful pictures, some of which we’ve featured here for your viewing pleasure…

Leah started photographing the (mostly naked) female form while completing her graduate thesis on erotic female stereotypes. Since then she’s gone on to develop an even broader portfolio and talent in this genre. Leah combines a strong conceptual art base with both her understanding of women and society’s effects on female identities, she blends her unique and bold style to create magic in her images.

“Maybe being a female photographer here is an advantage, but,  having a strong vision and knowing how to make your model feel confident and sexy is what really matters”, she says. “The bizarre and funny situations that come with this job are priceless, like shooting a tied-up and blindfolded model in the dungeon of the Castle (of Good Hope) while trying to avoid the Korean tourist groups or having your model pour copious amounts of honey all over herself. For most, its not everyday you whip your kit off for saucy images.”

Leah’s abilities with nudes has us holding our breath. Find more of her work or contact her for commissions at

Above is a self portrait I shot in studio especially for this article.