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Pictorial: “Retro Rogue”
for One Small Seed Magazine, South Africa

Firstly there is a super behind the scenes video of this shoot to watch here.

This fashion editorial was shot for the 21st Edition of One Small Seed magazine which was a South African made mag. I think it was a 2011 issue. The theme of the edition was future/retro and the editorial was called Retro Rogue. It was shot between 4 locations: in my studio, Rosey’s Laundry in Mowbray Cape Town, Banksia Boutique Hotel in Rosebank Cape Town and in some suburban streets in central Windhoek Namibia.

I think the end product was a 9 image series of which the magazine published all but one.

The above and below are shot in studio and placed into a different background (shot in Namibia).

Quite a few images in the series were made up of composites, either a background and a foreground were shot separately or you’ll see the models duplicated in the image like the above shot here.

The below are samples of the very rough beginnings of the deep etch of the studio shots.

And below are some of the tear outs from the mag.

Below left is the team who worked on the shoot minus one. Hair and makeup was by Sebastine Pepler and styling was by Alexia Klompje who has now gone on to become an incredible ceramicist, find her work “Klomp Ceramics” here).

Behind the scenes above and below.