Women I've Shot

Commercial Commission
For “The Dating Game Killer” documentary film

I was commissioned in 2016 to shoot ‘prop images’ for the film The Dating Game Killer which was at the time being filmed in Cape Town for its 2017 release. The images were needed to be used as props in some of the scenes that were being shot. The movie is set in the 70’s, you can read more about it here. Its pretty disturbing but a very interesting true story.

My brief was in two parts:
1). a submission of my historic and archived work from which they would select approx 5-6 images for purchase ( a lot of this content came out of my student files from 2003-2004 ) and 2)., a new studio shoot done with a selection of 70’s furnishings they delivered. This shoot was done with three amazing friends of mine that were willing to participate just for the fun of it!

Ive added a selection from the shoots and submissions here.