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An Impromptu Portrait of Bernadette Basson

I met Bernadette briefly twice at the end of last year.

She came into my studio two weeks ago with a friend of mine who I was shooting a portrait of that day.¬†Towards the end of my shoot the friend who I was documenting asked if I’d shoot a portrait of Bernie as well.

I can’t quite figure out if she’s just super quiet or shy but she was surprisingly self-assured in front of the camera for those brief minutes I shot with her.

Her dress had left an imprint around her ribs where the elastic had been and I liked how the lines of her ribs, taught and so close to the skin, and the marks from her clothing left a sort of contradicting parallel message on her body at that moment.

A-Portrait-of-Bernadette Basson-by-Leah-Hawker- Cape Town Photographer

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