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An Advert: Deluxe Coffeeworks, Cape Town

I tore this one page advert out of a South African Vice magazine that was published a good 8 or so years ago.

I have contradicting feelings about it which is why I stored it.

On the one hand I think its successful. It’s playing to exactly the same marketing concept that American Apparel have used “provocative and interesting“, it’s crass and fitting to Vice magazines readership who are comfortable with nudity and controversial statement making.

On the other hand its chauvinistic and sexist, uses a cheap ‘n nasty advertising style and of course is pretty contentious with its statement reading “With…Or Without Milk?”. I just don’t like the parallel between bodily fluids and my morning coffee at all.

All feedback I got from friends and colleagues was that it was stupid but that the women pictured has very nice boobs.
I quote one friend who echoed the majority when she said:

I dont understand it. There’s no clever reason to feature boobs there. Feels gratuitous and dof.

Deluxe Coffee Works Cape Town Advert in Vice Magazine

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