A Self-portraiture Project:

Working Files from the Self Portrait Series 11  Leah Hawker

I’ve continued shooting my self-portraiture project but let it evolve in terms of timing (so I no longer shoot it daily but rather when I have an idea I want to work with, etc).

Self portrait No.11 is a kind of sporty hero. I often end up spending the whole day in my gym gear just because I’m too lazy to go home and change. I asked Bryan to shoot these pics, resplendent with squeezey water bottle and fake exercisey-ness. I like the tone and colors, the lighting style has also become a favorite.

Portraits No. 12, 13 & 14 were shot on one evening in the studio with three friends. I invited them for wine and a shoot and then we went out for dinner. The results of the evening are fantastic (more on that later), I asked each individual to bring interesting items with them for using and the shoot was reasonably open ended with two lighting changes.

Here are screen shots from my working folder of the last three self-portraits in the order that they were shot:

Working Files from the Self Portrait Series 12  Leah Hawker

Working Files from the Self Portrait Series 13  Leah Hawker


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