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A Home Birth Gathering
Cape Town, September 2015


I attended my second Home Birth Gathering, hosted by Lana Petersen and Ruth Ehrhardt of Home Birth South Africa at the end of September.
It was attended by 22 guests, and again in the beautiful old villa in Muizenberg which I think is open to hosting many different kinds of events.

The gathering covered a number of different topics, predominantly brought up by the guests after they had each made an introduction.
Most of the couples who attended were really looking at their birthing options in South Africa, and many commented about how little they knew or how hard it was to get diverse info about their birth options here.

Three other doulas/midwives were also in attendance, including Marianne Littlejohn of Mtwana Birth Centre and Spiritual Birth, based in Muizenberg. Between the birthing professionals at the gathering there was much under discussion and a lot of information shared from these women.
Topics covered included:

  • Normalising natural birth again
  • Birthing complications
  • The task of the birth professionals
  • Medical aids and their effects on birthing in South Africa
  • Safe atmospheres for birthing

I definitely went away with much more information than when I had arrived and I feel that it must have been very informative for the expecting parents who had attended.
More info on upcoming events on their Facebook page or on Ruth and Lana’s great resource website Home Birth South Africa.


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