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BRANDS: The Little Milk Bar, Salt Lake City

I worked with Lindsay, the founder of the most amazing brand, The Little Milk Bar, in 2019 when I launched my crowdfunding campaign on Thudafund. I was crowdfunding for my now published book Breastfeeding 101.

Lindsay sponsored and shipped a number of her totally awesome products from Salt Lake City in the U.S. to me in Cape Town to use on the crowdfunding platform to support the cause. See below.

From the ‘about’ section on their website, I really liked their mission statement:

Too many women hide in bathroom stalls, parked cars and dressing rooms to feed their babies… because they’re afraid of the comments they’ll get from strangers.

Our mission is to help put a stop to that. To empower mothers everywhere to feed their baby when and where they’re hungry, with or without a cover… however YOU feel most comfortable.


We hope that no other mother EVER has to ask, “can I feed my baby here?” ever again.

This is what The Baby Blanket and Milk Maker Tee is all about. We created this product for all the breastfeeding mothers out there. To give them the courage they might need, and to serve as a reminder that it’s OKAY to feed your babe wherever you need to :)


Empowering mothers everywhere. #dropthecover

It was brilliant to have her products represented alongside my book during that time as it stands for all the same things Breastfeeding 101 stands for.

Below are a selection of images I shot for Lindsay to use as a thank you for participating in my project.

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