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For Anna-Tina Original Blankets & Accessories

I did a super shoot with a highly talented creative who is also a dear friend. The images of her product follow below.

The portrait above was shot for the IamBODYTEC campaign for awesome EMS training spaces all over South Africa called BODYTEC .

Anna-Tina is a Swiss born fashion designer who has gone on to build her own business Anna-Tina Original which is a South African company designing and creating bespoke, BEAUTIFULLY handmade blankets with exquisite and contemporary colour palettes.

Above is one of her one-of-a-kind clutch bags made from up-cycled materials with leather trims.

Kiddies play blankets above.

The above is one of her newest cot-blankets. They retail at ZAR1200 and you can find them here. This particular blanket I adore!

Wanted to add the text from Anna-Tina’s “About” section on her website, here it is:

Hand-made originals.

The way our grandmothers used to make them for us. Pieces that have a story to tell, items we love and look after, that are something very precious.

That’s what we believe in. And that’s what we aim to produce, for you.

We put love and care into every item we make as if we created a present for a dear friend. That is how ANNA-TINA ORIGINAL started, as presents for friends and that’s what we would like them to be: a special treat for yourself or someone you care about.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Anna-Tina, the dreamer, creator and maker of ANNA-TINA ORIGINAL.

My love for patchwork or rather the play with fabrics, textures and colors dates way back. Already in the 90’s, in Paris, during my studies of fashion design, I stitched blocks of different textures and colors together to then make my own garments.

For many years I worked as a designer in Paris and as a fashion stylist in the film and photo industry in Cape Town and learned to enjoy decorating the homes as much as dressing the people who lived in them.

Using building blocks of Swiss precision, a sense for Paris fashion, a critical eye behind the camera, together with my obsession for high quality, I continue to play the game of colors and textures today!

And with the help of beautiful, talented and busy hands, we love to create products for you, each one with a very personal touch.

Everything about Anna-Tina’s work screams high quality. Her detailing is just incredible.