A Collection of Female Attire

The Collection: Stockings & Socks
#38- #40

 (Please note: This is the “archive” of the collection of shoot props (generally lingerie/womens attire somehow) that I have gathered over the last 11 years of my career.
They are catalogued by number, and description for now as well as any other relevant information about their individual histories- how I came to have the items, what shoots they might have been used for, etc.
The style in which I document an item may vary according to the type of garment/object it is).


#38 – Stockings
Lace black thigh-high stockings, size medium-large. These are beautiful to shoot with and were unusual to find in South Africa when I bought them 6 years ago at Woolies. The silicone-type grip the manufacturers use on these kinds of stockings are a disaster though,-they’re either far to tight and cut into the flesh creating an accentuated fat-roll in a very unflattering spot (especially if you can see this bumpiness through the skirt or dress) or they just don’t hold up at all and slide down your legs mid-stride. Almost 90% only for quick visual effect or photoshopped into mooi-ness.



#39 – Stockings
Baby-blue, ribbed semi-opacque thigh-high stockings with jewel detailing. I cut these stockings down to thigh highs in about 2008 for a theme party. They never ended up going but it was an interesting experiment in stocking re-decorating, be-dazzling and up-cycling.



#40 – Stockings
Hold-up, thigh-high “Mexican silver”, size M-L Escort brand stockings. I bought about 20 or so packs of these ages ago. They shoot well but the nylon textile that was used, supposedly having a  “look and feel of real silk“, makes them sensually strange when worn; they have very little stretch, high shine and a kind of coarse texture which is very reminiscent of the era they were made in I suppose.


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