A Collection of Female Attire

The Collection: Panties
#21- #24

 (Please note: This is the “archive” of the collection of shoot props (generally lingerie/womens attire somehow) that I have gathered over the last 11 years of my career.
They are catalogued by number, and description for now as well as any other relevant information about their individual histories- how I came to have the items, what shoots they might have been used for, etc.
The style in which I document an item may vary according to the type of garment/object it is).

The Collection -PANTIES - no. 021 Catalogued for TheSofterSex


Sabian Ransome Miss March Playboy Playmate photographed by Leah Hawker Cape Town South Africa

#21 – Panties
Mr. Price, neon yellow, stretch lace, g-string, medium. I bought these in a three-pack (yellow, pink, orange) at Mr.Price one day just because their lumo multiplicity was so brilliant, it was screaming “shoot!”. I used them on one Playboy shoot in 2013.

The Collection -PANTIES - no. 022 Catalogued for TheSofterSex
#22 – Panties
Black stretch-mesh thong with fuchsia pink edging, butterfly- detailing and adjustable side ribbons. These were a gift from my school-time boyfriend after we broke up and he had returned from Thailand. They went into the collection, being used once only for a student time exhibition series for which one of my class mates posed for.


The Collection -PANTIES - no. 023 Catalogued for TheSofterSex#23 – Panties
Black, small, La Senza, thong with removable suspender belt clips, satin bows and black feather trim. A good ol’ La Senza sale buy most likely from the time when they had that factory shop in Access Park in Kenilworth. I used these in a shoot where I distinctly remember the client or model saying that she felt like an ostrich when wearing them…

The Collection -PANTIES - no. 024 Catalogued for TheSofterSex#24 – Panties
Size medium, cotton, Pep Store brooks. Boy-leg cut with pink, taupe & turquoise dot print and grey lace detail. I have a bit of quirk about buying strange items, especially underwear, in unusual spots; either on pumping African markets or in small town super market chains, which is how this pair came to the collection. I bought these in Pep in Lüderitz, Namibia in 2012 on route to a mini-rock concert in the desert.

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