A Collection of Female Attire

The Collection: Panties
#11- #14

 (Please note: This is the “archive” of the collection of shoot props (generally lingerie/womens attire somehow) that I have gathered over the last 11 years of my career.
They are catalogued by number, and description for now as well as any other relevant information about their individual histories- how I came to have the items, what shoots they might have been used for, etc.
The style in which I document an item may vary according to the type of garment/object it is).

The Collection -PANTIES - no. 011 Catalogued for TheSofterSex

#11 – Panties.
Small aqua/teal satin thong with black lace detail from WonderBra. Picked these tiny ones up at the underwear factory shop in Brickfield Road, Woodstock a good 7-8 years ago, they are yet to be used in a shoot. They come from this “era” where knickers sit super low rise, both front and back, and so the length of the thong is comparatively shorter then the length of the strap which goes around the hips. Surprisingly, these have been manufactured in South Africa.

The Collection -PANTIES - no. 012 Catalogued for TheSofterSex#12 – Panties.
Baby-pink with black pinstripe, size medium boy-short style knickers with black lace frill and bow. A gift from my sister after a business trip to Italy.  They weren’t quite my style so I added them to the collection where they’ve been for the last decade…

The Collection -PANTIES - no. 013 Catalogued for TheSofterSex#13 – Panties (pair 1 of 2 (item #159))
Fuchsia pink satin back & stretch mesh front with black trimmings and embroidery “Kiss me…” on the backside. Playful Promises design label,London. Size large. These came as samples in a shipment my partner received for his online shop, there are 2 pairs of these in my collection (the second documented at a later stage for the collection). I had thought they were just random cheapies but it turns out, after some investigation, that they come from a UK based lingerie designer who stocks some pretty great stuff on their online store, look here.

The Collection -PANTIES - no. 014 Catalogued for TheSofterSex#14 – Panties
Orange lace with grey bubble-dot-printed stretch mesh, boy-leg cut panties from HipHop, South Africa, small-medium. Why anyone would put these two textiles, let alone colours, together, beats me. These boy-short knickers were in the bag of passing-these-on’s from a friend (same as panties #8). They are well made, most likely manufactured for HipHop by a CMT in Cape Town.

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