Self Portrait Project: #1

Here is the first of the completed images from my self portraiture project, shot on Monday 28th July. Artist and friend, Barbara Wildenboer, popped into the studio after work to press the shutter release for me.

I lit the image so as to highlight the form and detail on my back (the focus of the image), there is a snoot lighting the middle area behind me to create a natural vignette around  my body. There is also a narrow fill light on the left of the frame which gives the highlights on my shins and arm.

I had planned to crop the chair out of the image but later realised it added a nice sense of context. I picked up the detail in my hair and face a little in post production stage but apart from very minor tweaking I left it as it was.

Its was surprising to be the subjects of my own demands in terms of posing. I know I often push my models quite hard to achieve my ideas and I could feel it in my back for the following two days!

Self Portrait Project 001 Leah Hawker 2014

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