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Pregnancy & birth: This is Lynette


Photographing a mother and tiny brand new baby is and always will be very special and memorable. Within the first day of their lives together one already sees magic happening: Motherhood.

I photographed these portraits of Lynette and baby Liam at the Cape Medi Clinic were he was born in September. Every tiny detail is in place and perfect and the parents are in a strange state of awe, shock, emotion, joy and pride (or it at least this is my interpretation of these moments!).

I had photographed a series of nude pregnancy images of Lynette just a short time before and was aiming to create a kind of parallel version depending on what scenario I found when I arrived, or, how possible it would be to shoot her and the new babe from above.

These are the beautiful and very foetal images I documented in studio while she was still pregnant…



I love the image which incorporated the environment around the bed (above). It emphasises the foetal quality of the image and also creates a relationship between subject and documentor.


The images are so soft and she looks like the epitomy of a pregnant women.

When I arrived in the hospital and walked into their room Lynette was standing square in the centre of the room and looked like a subject from a Rineke Dijkstra portrait (images of women immediately after they had given birth, standing up against a clinical hospital environment and holding their babies).

On the left is one of Rineke Dijksra's portraits of a new mother and on the left is exactly how I found lunette when I walked into her hospital room. It was like déjavu.
On the left is one of Rineke Dijksra’s portraits of a new mother and on the left is exactly how I found Lynette when I walked into her hospital room. It was like déjavu.

I photographed a series of portraits but this one I also really like for its imitation and parallel to the studio portraits I shot of her.



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