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Cover shoot:
Playboy South Africa’s October 2012 Edition

I shot Marissa’s cover editorial in mid 2012. The shoot was done over two days and in two different locations,- the one was a farm in Paarl where you’ll see the shots with her on a horse and in the hay and the second location, on a freezing cold day, was at the Noordehoek Common where we shot with another horse and on the lush grass and forested woods surrounding it.

Marissa is super beautiful which made my job easy (although I’m not all that keen to work with horses anytime soon again unless they are super well behaved).

Marissa’s shoot was part ‘a role in the hay’ and part Pocahontas-meets-cowgirl themed. I did the prop sourcing, location scouting and styling for the shoot. I had two great assistants, Sven and Cara, and Marissa brought her own hair and makeup artists with her from Johannesburg.

I wanted to put the actual tear-sheets/mag layout in here as well but can’t currently get hold of my copy of this edition as its packed far away. Might update this in a while if I remember.

Below are a bunch of behind the scenes shots from Marissa’s shoot on both days.

Below is the team that worked on the shoot with me.