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Cover shoot:
Playboy South Africa’s March 2013 Edition

The March 2013 edition of Playboy South Africa featured a nude, B&W silhouette of a woman I had photographed some years back. The magazine were considering publishing an all-black cover and I submitted this image last minute and it got used.

Below is the original image. You can find the whole story here.

The text reads:

The Story Behind Our Cover Bum

Ironically, none of our critics of our last month cover actually asked who the model was, or whether she felt exploited. In fact this woman, Karen-Suzanne Claren, in her mid-forties, mother of two, is thrilled to have her great bum gracing the cover of our March issue!  The image came about when we decided to pull the planned March cover and our official photographer, Leah Hawker, suggested a set of high contrast, discreet and near-total black images as cover option from her archive of private client shoots.  This one of Karen’s derriere we just couldn’t resist as it visually translated our message while still keeping with our statement – No Means No- and black theme.  When Karen did the original photo shoot with Leah, as a series of artistic black & white poses, it was for  completely private reasons to celebrate her femininity, feel strong and sexy again, after coming out a long dysfunctional relationship that left her with a low self image.  Asked how she feels about being on the cover, she says she is “extremely proud and empowered by this opportunity to befeatured on such a famous magazine”  Thank you, Karen!