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Cover shoot:
Playboy South Africa’s April 2013 Edition

This is the April edition of Playboy South Africa which I shot with Yolande Malherbe in my studio in Cape Town. It was a really fantastic shoot with beautiful lingerie brands and lots of gold and sparkly accessories.

The theme for the shoot was “selfies” and we used original Polaroid type film to shoot a series of selfies (some are shown in this post). We also incorporated a Polaroid camera in some of the images.

A TV crew joined the shoot and did some filming for an edition of Glambition,- Jo-Ann Strauss’s TV series at that time.

The shoot was all done with a sort of white-crumpled-sheets background, black lingerie, accessories and Polaroid’s. I really loved this shoot and had so much fun doing it.

Ive mixed in some behind the scenes shots below.

Below is a self portrait I shot, just for fun. It was the same set-up as the cover of the magazine.

Below are more behind the scenes shots and also my interview with Jo-ann.