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An Advert: Charles Jourdan Shoes (1980’s)


I wish I had written a date on this ad. Maybe even a note about where I had torn it from, but no…

I’ve kept it tucked into a fileĀ for an age. Its a striking metaphor which this brand has used to advertise shoes.

Basically the beautifully lit and shot image reads something along the lines of this:
If you wear Charles Jourdan you will be irresistibly desirable (in this case, your crotch will be hot enough to melt the phallic chunk of ice in the room). Quite audacious.

I can’t imagine a single mainstream magazine publishing this campaign now.

I couldn’t find a publication date for this ad, not that it really matters, but I did find out that it was shot by a photographer who’s work I really like. Guy Bourdain plays on the objectification of women in Western culture in his images. His images have a comic element and rich color.

Here is some more of Bourdains work:

Guy Bourdin charles Jourdan spriing 1979

Guy Bourdin for Charles Jourdan shoes ad campaigns 002


Guy Bourdin for Charles Jourdan shoes ad campaigns 001

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