A Portrait of Elize Vossgatter: Artist & Mother

I shot this portrait of Elize in my studio this week. She needed something done pronto for a collaborative exhibition she is involved with for Infecting The City, an event held in Cape Town.

She thinks she looks sad but I think she looks serene.

I had to smile when putting the idea together in 5 minutes based on a specific reference image she provided: I always end up getting people to take their clothes off, even for a head and shoulders profile portrait…and all the props we needed seemed to be lying around the studio already waiting for us.

The background fabric was painted by Adam Letch who I share my studio with- he created it for an unusual shoot (for him) of a Wonderbra model. The straw grasses were in the studio from a fashion story Frank Ellis shot last week. Its amazing how props come together sometimes in moments…

Portrait of Elize Vossgatter by Leah Hawker COMPRESSED

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