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A Nude Creative Studio Photo-Shoot with Friends


It was a night of a special kind of crazy in my studio. I invited a few friends over to participate in my self portrait project, suggesting only that they bring drinks and something/anything to use in a photo of themselves that I would take. It was an evening dedicated to spontaneity and wacky self expression and there was some kind of brilliant energy in the space that night.

The images published here are a small selection of what was taken during that shoot,- it omits one of the models who didn’t want her images made public and omits my self portraits (of which I shot three that night) as they are published as their own pieces.




There were a number of items I brought to use myself in the studio and each women brought a random array of props to pose with,- from Ninja Turtle backpacks to helium balloons.


We drank, chatted, laughed and generally behaved like crazy people all the while having fun during about 2 or so hours of shooting. I used two quite different light set ups- one against our grey studio wall, more low-key and dramatic and the other against our white studio wall with the lighting quite high key, including a shadow cast by the subject onto the wall behind.



I gave as little as possible intervention and rather tried to allow for a safe space for creative play to happen. Initially once everyone had arrived I explained the space, the shoot, the intention for the images, the choices we had. Then we cracked a bottle of vino and the process got under way.

Most of the women (and some of my colleagues who were still working in the adjoining room) commented afterwards about how much they had enjoyed the bizarre evening, the freedom and expression of both the body and the nude form as well as the relaxed and open atmosphere that had been present in the studio.

It had surprised me specifically that my preconceived notions of body insecurity of a small group of women who didn’t know each other well, were so totally and ¬†unpretentiously at ease and trusting of both the camera and each other.

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